About the Lion Park

The following is a list of some of the animals found in our park

    Additional Information
African Elephant
Asian Elephant
Grey Duiker
*Bush Pig
Vervet Monkey
*Bush Babies
*Cane Rats
*Black Backed Jackal
Blue Wildebeest
  If the lions approach your vehicle, please keep moving.

All rules on your ticket are strictly adhered to.

Feeding or interference with any animals is forbbiden.

Please don't litter, bins are provided at the shop an in the picnic areas.

All roads are gravel. The maintence an upkeep are continuous and on going process which is hampered ny any rainy season.
Please drive carefully if your car is very low.

There is no set time for feeding the Lions. It does depend on what time the meat comes in  and also on how much they have already been fed.
 Fun Facts
Yellow Billed Kite
Long Crested Eagle
Crowned Eagle
Black Shouldered Kite
Jackal Buzzard
*Grass Owl
*Barn Owl
Grey Heron
Red-chested Cuckoo
Pied Kingfisher
Fork Tailed Drongo
Thick Billed Weaver
Fiscal Shrike
Sacred Ibis
Guinea Fowl
Cape Glossy Starling
Purple Crested
Pied Crow

An Elephant will eat more than 200kgs of food per day.

Impala females can withhold the birth or there babies for up to 2 weeks if conditions are not ideal.

African Rock Pytrhons will lay between 30-60 eggs each season.

A Bushpig will accelerate from standing to full speed in 2 ½ times its body length.

81 species of Raptors have been recoreded in South Africa.

Water Monitor Lizard
Veld/Bush Monitor
Blue Headed Lizard
Black Mamba
Puff Adder
*Night Adder
Mozambique Spitting Cobra
African Rock Python
Spotted Bush Snake
Brown House Snake
Short Snouted Grass Snake
Rewd Lipped Herald
Stiletto Snake
* Nocturnal